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Hospice Care In San Bernardino
We know that it can be overwhelming to welcome a stranger into the home. Because of that, we train our professionals not just on high-quality care but on interpersonal relationships as well for your loved one.
We always have a physician on duty to provide medical services. Our hospice care is dedicated to providing you with dignified care that promotes care.

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Hospice Care In San Bernardino

Some of the services we offer:
  1. Medication

    Each family will be assigned a dedicated hospice care nurse who can be reached by phone or during hir or her shift.

  2. Spiritual Support

    You can always reach someone on-site or reach your scheduled nurse and other caretaker at a nursing home.

  3. $0 Out Of Pocket

    All of our services are covered by all and most insurance holders such as HMO, Medicare, and Medical.

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About San Bernardino Hospice Care

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Neither giving nor receiving care is easy. San Bernardo Hospice Care puts relationships first to support those giving care, to protect the dignity of those receiving it, and to enhance the quality of life for both families and loved ones.

We offer affordable hospice care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for those who need it.

You’ll work with a care coordinator at your local office to set a care schedule.

Our care manager comes to you. we assess your needs and answer any questions you have, because learning about you allows us to set up ...
We always have a physician on duty to provide medical services. Our hospice care is dedicated to providing you with dignified care that promotes care.
Nursing aides, home health assistants, volunteer companions. Emotional care team consisting of a psychologist, clergy or spiritual.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing information, education and to family members throughout the process and enjoy our position as thought leaders in palliative medicine.

What People Say


I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support through some difficult times. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. San Bernardino Hopsice Care made my families life much more at ease.

Katie Elliott

43 years

I was visiting a number of hospice care facilities last month, and was really impressed by the knowledge of this one. They have nurses on staff in addition to normal caregivers.

Renee Sherman

37 years

The team of professional caretakers have helped us to improve many aspects of our mothers life.The nurse works hard and knows what they are doing. Thank you.

Jay Lian

62 Years

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